Dr. TaMara Best Selling Book Live Inspired Feel Empowered

Live Inspired Feel Empowered
by Dr. TaMara Rose Campbell-Griffin 


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Dr Griffin LIFE Book Cover

About the Book

TaMara had it all! A house in the marina, a husband that was well decorated military officer making six figures, nice cars, designer clothing, vacations, shopping sprees and more! With all that, what could possibly be wrong?

Behind the scenes of a seemingly perfect marriage lied abuse, sleepless nights, drinking, random indiscretions, lies, misery, heartache and pain. Living in the facade of her relationship TaMara found herself becoming increasingly depressed, so much so, that she was on the verge of a mental break down and one day she walked away from it all. TaMara found herself living paycheck to paycheck with barely enough money to make ends meet but yet she found enough strength and courage to continue on. How did she do it? The answer, she learned to live her L.I.F.E.

From being married and self-destructing to divorced and broke, TaMara manage to become self-sufficient and one of the happiest women in the world! In her highly acclaimed book L.I.F.E. ~Live Inspired! Feel Empowered, TaMara wants to share the secret that helped to keep her going when times got rough and she wanted to give up. By stepping out on faith and taking action, she created a movement that ultimately transformed her L.I.F.E.!

Product Details

Paperback: 126 pages
Publisher: Beautifully Me Publishings/CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 30, 2013)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches

Customer Reviews

Share your thoughts with Dr. TaMara and other customers

By f2f
TaMara hits a home run with this book: not only is it inspiring, it helps with the healing process AND it speaks to you where you are in YOUR life.
I have to be completely honest, I couldn’t put the book down after reading the introduction! I was 100% captivated by what was shared and I was convinced that this WAS the right book at the right time for me to read. Thank you for being you and for opening your heart and mind for others to see.

By Shonel Bacon
I must confess that it was difficult to edit, but not because it was bad. In fact, it’s a wonderful book. It was difficult because it touched me so much. In the last year or two, God has given me a few clients that have written works that were given to me in order to teach me something. I believe your book was definitely one of those books. I was rejuvenated by the words you wrote, encouraged, and re-ignited to love myself and get started with this new journey of my life that I’ve been sensing for sometime and KNEW was on its way. Your book kind of acted as confirmation in this for me. Thank you. I can feel your enthusiasm on all pages… as well as your wish to help other women. AWESOME!

By Anonymous
All I can say is you know you’ve experienced a good book when you’re still thinking about it the next day. I’ve found myself saying things today that are directly related to your book, things about wanting to branch out, take some classes, get out more and experience me. Love it!

By Chante Meadows
I am excited to support TaMara SexpertlyYours Campbell as she releases her novel this April. This sister is uplifting and empowering women. Get your copy today or pick up in April. You can also support her by spreading the word!

By Ya-Mia Dawson
I just want to give a special shout out to a phenomenal, quintessential woman that I know. She has been a true blessing to all that know her and her work and endeavours are changing lives everywhere. I want to congratulate her on her new book and if you don’t know her it’s time to get to know her!!!! “Black Girls Rock”!!!

By Paulette Johnson
I’m writing to encourage others to read “Life” by Ms. TaMara Campbell. The book was such an inspiration to me and for me; sometimes we never know what a person has gone through until we read or hear their story, we may see their smile but never know the tears, or pain they are hiding behind the smile then we discover they have gone through some of the same things in life that you have gone through. I do encourage everyone to read the book you might even find yourself in the midst of the story and say Wow!!!! If she made it through her hurdles in life so can I. Was such a blessing!!!!

By Neil Nesbitt
TaMara Campbell is a very compassionate writer and person. I suggest you buy this book and read it! If you don’t read then I suggest that you purchase it as a gift for someone that you care about. Tam I am so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I know that GOD has so much more waiting for you. Keep putting out these NUMBER ONE SELLER ! Your books will CHANGE LIVES!

By Mairo Akpose-Simpson
Ooooh Weee! Girl, the summary of this book hooked me for sure. Congratulations!

By DeNIse Lynell Blake
I am sitting here feeling a sense of accomplishment now that I have read TaMara’sbook. Now all of the elements and components that I have read about are flowing through my head. Boy, do I have some work to do — I think, no I know that along this journey I have picked up and taken what I have read to heart. I now Live Inspired and Feel Empowered!

By Anonymous
TaMara hits a home run with this book: not only is it inspiring, it helps with the healing process AND it speaks to you where you are in YOUR life. I have to be completely honest, I couldn’t put the book down after reading the introduction! I was 100% captivated by what was shared and I was convinced that this WAS the right book at the right time for me to read. Thank you for being you and for opening your heart and mind for others to see.

By Anonymous
L.I.F.E.~What an amazing read! I recommend this book to all women. Ms Griffin’s words draw you in to remind you of all the beautiful aspects that individualize each woman to be the best that she can be. Ture to the title, very engaging from cover to cover and a must-add to your must-have book collection. Thank you!” ~Quentella Love-B.”Finished the book and it is a great read! I could not put this book down. Very true to the title; empowering, not convicting but rather reminding women to use what’s within to embrace her true self. Thank again lady!

By Christina Monique Smith
Tamara. Thank you for writing this book. It is confirmation of why I was drawn to your facebook posts of daily inspiration, reflections and blessings. I cried and received the necessary inspiration on the continued road of my healing and humility. It was like looking at a part of my life experience with different characters inserted. Thanks again for sharing and not just talking about but helping others by sharing out and continually blessing others with your wisdom and experiences.

By Pastor Phonz
I’ve just completed the book, Live Inspired! Feel Empowered! by Flint’s own, TaMara SexpertlyYours Campbell! It was an incredible book with an amazing story of one woman’s journey to wholeness. I appreciate her transparency in sharing her life as it relates to how she found the courage to get to her happy place. I believe this talented, gifted author is graced to assist many women on their journey to Live Inspired & Feel Empowered. Great job TaMara! Get your copy today.

By Rod B
Thank you for bringing me out of a mental dark place with your book. Just when you think no one understands where you’ve been or what you’ve gone through, you let it be known that the bended-hearted can prevail. God bless you for that Tam.

By Rob Evans
TaMara, I read your book and it is a great book. Very inspirational and uplifting.” Great job!

By K Smith
TaMara, I just wanted to say that after reading the first 5 chapters of your book today, I’m ready to live LIFE. I thank you for sharing your testimony and assisting others to become their true selves.

By Alex Zhander
I really like your book I think you should have a men’s date and say that men can benefit from some of those lessons as well!

By R Hassan
Hey I just purchased your book on Amazon. This seems like something I need to read. It’s right on time, for I’ve been stuck for awhile and just not happy with my life right now, so thanks for inspiring others! God bless!”

By Lamont Wright
I’m so honored to have taken the picture for your book. I have to admit I was unaware of how many people you manage to touch and fulfill and enrich their lives in some way!! You are very much respected and loved!!


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