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There’s a lot of pressure on women regarding orgasms! Many articles, books, etc. can make a women feel inadequate. But the interesting thing is that woman are experiencing orgasm but because they did not receive proper sexuality educations, not in tune with their body or are often not informed on the various types of orgasms that she can experience, in her mind….she has not.

But wait…What exactly is an orgasm?

An orgasm is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual response experienced at the height of sexual activity. Orgasm is also a biological release of chemicals and tension followed by pleasurable involuntary muscle contractions.

There are several types of orgasms a woman can experience: clitoral, vaginal, A-Spot G-spot, anal, full body, blended and multiple! I know you are probably thinking wait..I can have all those different types of orgasms? The answer is yes! Check out the description of the various types of orgasms below.

Clitoral Orgasm
The clitoris is the pleasure spot specially designed for women. It is the most sensitive area on the female body, being one of the most nerve rich – over 8,000. The vast majority of women experience clitoral orgasm through direct stimulation or indirect stimulation of the internal structure of the clitoris. Intensely pleasurable feelings start within the clitoris and send waves of pleasure throughout the body.

Vaginal Orgasm
This kind of female orgasm begins deep in the vagina near the cervix and either stays focused in the pelvic and lower stomach areas. In fact, many women do not even realize that are experiencing a vagina orgasm because it begins so deep inside of the vagina. A vaginal orgasm may or may not happen in unison with a clitoral orgasm. During a vaginal orgasm the uterus and pelvic muscles contract. The contractions are so strong that they can actually push anything that is inside of the vagina out, i.e. penis of sex toy. A vaginal orgasm takes longer to achieve. Continuous rhythmic thrusting is often the best way to bring a woman to a vaginal orgasm.

A-Spot Orgasm (The Anterior Fornix Orgasm)
The A-Spot is located deep in the vagina, about 4-5inches, on the front wall of the vagina. An A-Spot orgasm is achieved by stimulating this small patch of sensitive tissue which is located near the cervix. When stimulated, the A-Spot can lead to rapid vaginal lubrication and arousal.

Also referred to as the Epicentre, this is a patch of sensitive tissue at the inner end of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder, described technically as the ‘female degenerated prostate.’ (In other words, it is the female equivalent of the male prostate, just as the clitoris is the female equivalent of the male penis.) Direct stimulation of this spot can produce ferocious orgasmic contractions. Unlike the clitoris, it is not supposed to suffer from post-orgasmic over-sensitivity.

The G-Spot is located about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall. The G-Spot is about the size of a nickel and the texture of the G-spot is much more spongy and coarse than the rest of the vagina. At first, it may be difficult for a woman to locate her G-Spot, however it becomes much easier to find after she has had one orgasm. During sexual arousal, the tissue surrounding the urethra becomes engorged with blood and the Para-urethral / Skenes glands produce and fill fluid. The fullness of the gland stimulates the feeling of needed to urinate, this is partly because of the pressure of the fluids surrounding the glands of the urethra. Additionally, G-Spot orgams is also responsible for the elusive female ejaculation.

Anal Orgasm
The Anus is an erogenous zone full of sensitive nerves. Additionally, the sphincter muscle creates intense sensations when it contracts. However, because the anus does not lubricate itself naturally, lots of lubrication – water-based or silicone-based, must be used during any anal play. There are several ways you can reach anal orgasm: manual stimulation, sex toy such as a vibrator, dildo, butt plug or anal beads, and/or oral-anal sex and/or penile penetration.

Cervical Orgasm
The cervix is the entrance to the womb, the uterus. A woman’s cervix is related to her feminine core, her sense of self, her heart, her creativity, and to her entire being. According to the Tantric tradition, a cervical orgasm is probably the most profound, meaningful orgasm a woman can experience. A cervical orgasm is characterized by contractions of the deep vaginal muscles and uterus. The sensation of cervical stimulation and orgasm feels different from clitoral stimulation, because they are responding to two different nerve-systems. A cervical orgasm will feel deeper, more intense and is accompanied by strong emotions, love, oneness with self, partner and god, ecstasy and transcendence, tears, crying and a feeling of deep satisfaction on all levels.

Blended Orgasm
A blend orgasm is one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can experience. It offers a woman the best of both worlds. A blended orgasm is a potent combination of two or more types of orgasms occurring at the same time.

Multiple Orgasms
Contrary to popular belief, multiple orgasms do exist, and they are entirely possible to achieve if there is little to no interruption in arousal or stimulation. Multiple orgasms come in quick succession, one after the other, usually with mere seconds to minutes between them. The challenge with multiple orgasms is that due to the heighten sensitive, continued orgasm may become uncomfortable if stimulation is continued. There are two types of multiple orgasms: sequential and serial. Sequential orgasms are orgasms that occur after one another with a few minutes in between. Additional stimulation is often required to get from one to the next, but there is no limit to how many you might have during one encounter. Serial orgasms are one orgasm experienced immediately after the next and the next and the next.

Full Body/Expanded Orgasm
A full body/expand orgasm is associated with Tantra. It an be describe as a true floating-on-cloud-nine outer body experience. A full body/expanded orgasm is the experience of feeling your whole body vibrating with orgasmic intensity and contractions that last from a few minutes to many hours. These contractions and energetic sensations pulsate all over the body, especially in the abdomen, inner thighs, hands, feet, and genitals bringing about deep emotional release and rejuvenation, profound spiritual experiences, and an keen awareness not normally perceived in other types of orgasms. Full body/Expanded orgasm uses the body, mind, emotion, spirit and sexual energy to be creative in life.

How do I increase my chances of experiencing the ultimate orgasm?

The quest to experience the ultimate orgasm is a challenge that many women will face throughout their lives. Below are some additional suggestions to enhance your orgasmic pleasure.

  • First and foremost you may want to consult with your physician to rule out
    any medical condition that may be contributing to your inability to
    experience an orgasm.
  • Mind play. Keep in mind that sex begins in the brain. If there are any
    emotional or mental blocks during fore play and/or intercourse, then it will
    make it difficult to experience an orgasm.
  • Know your body. Always be aware of how you enjoy being touched sexually
    and you must communicate this openly and honestly with your partner.
    Share with him how you liked to be touched. Lovingly teach him and guide
    his hands all over your body.
  • Seduction is the key! Women need to be engaged in a lot of fore play prior
    to intercourse. Set the mood. Don’t just jump right into it. Take your time
    and allow your intensity to build up as this will help to increase the
    intensity of your orgasm.
  • Try different positions. This allows for different types of stimulation of the
    vagina, G-spot, A-Spot and clitoris.
  • Try using sex toys to bring yourself to orgasm. There is a variety of sex toys
    on the market designed for specific usage. You may consider a clitoral
    vibrator or a g-spot vibrator to start you on your journey.
  • Take your time- Don’t rush to the orgasm. Enjoy the full sexual experience,
    and slowly build up to your orgasm. If you can hold out, try to “edge” –
    control yourself just shy of the actual orgasm for as long as possible. The
    result of edging can be an extremely intense orgasm that will be
    accompanied with stronger contractions and a longer lasting climax.
  • Strengthen your PC muscles. Pubococcygeal muscles are a big part of the
    female orgasm. Try exercising your muscles using Ben Wa Balls, vaginal or
    Kegel Exercisers. The stronger the PC muscle the more intense the orgasm.
    *Understand the Human Sexual Response Cycle. Having an understanding of
    how your body responds during each phase of the human sexual response
    cycle will help to increase your chances of experiencing an orgasm.
  • Stop having goal-oriented sex. Don’t focus so much on the goal but rather
    experiencing the sensuality and pleasure of your sex play.
  • Delay the pleasure. Women can delay orgasm through a variety of ways.
    For example, Tantra, which emphasizes sexual intercourse as way of co-creation and reaching our highest self and connecting with your partner—techniques allow some individuals to control ejaculation and orgasm.

When it comes to orgasms, it is important to note that orgasms vary in intensity, and women vary in the frequency of their orgasms and the amount of stimulation necessary to trigger an orgasm and even what type of orgasm she experiences.