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So, he convinced you to just let him put the “head in.” And of course in the heat of the moment the head turns into the entire penis and before you know it, you’re getting busy, switching positions having sex. As he’s ejaculating, he tries to pull out and now you’re both laying there wondering if he pulled out in time. Check out the real deal facts below to find out how just how effective the withdrawal method really is.

The withdrawal method, commonly referred to as the “pull out” method has one of the lowest rates of effectiveness. According to statistics, 4 to 27 out of 100 women will become pregnant using the withdrawal method. Why such a huge gap? It depends on the accuracy and consistency of usage. The withdrawal method has such a high failure rate because it relies heavily on the male partner ability to be able to “pull out” at the height of ejaculation which can be extremely challenging especially if he is lost in the moment or if he suffers from pre-mature ejaculation.

Another reason that this method has a high failure rate is because of the pre-cum, which has sperm in it- that may be in the tip or head of the penis prior to ejaculation. This means that there is still a potential for getting pregnant even without ejaculation. But pregnancy isn’t the only thing that you have to be concerned with, the withdraw method doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV.…That is an epic fail!

The withdrawal method is definitely not a good method for inexperienced men who are not familiar with their body and/or do not understand how to control their ejaculation, for men who suffer from premature ejaculation or for men who lack sexual self control or an inability to control their muscles responsible for delaying ejaculation. This method can also present challenges for women who are not intimately acquainted with their body and who are not as familiar with ovulation and the menstrual cycle.

However, if you’re still hell bent on using the withdrawal method because “you don’t like how condoms feel,” here’s how to increase the effectiveness of this method. One of the keys to increasing effectiveness of this method is understanding the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Increasing the male partners ability to maintain muscle control is also important in using the pull out method. Also any position such man-on-top, spooning, etc. that allows the man the ability to “pull out” quickly, will help to increase effectiveness. Finally, getting in sync with your female partners menstrual cycle and understanding ovulation will also help reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Consider using a menstruation tracker to learn when she’s ovulating. Practicing the withdrawal method during those times when she is NOT ovulating will help to reduce the chances of pregnancy.

Additionally, the withdrawal method is a much more effective method of birth control if practiced consistently and correctly each and every time during intercourse. The effectiveness relies heavily on the male understanding his sexual response cycle, the point of ejaculation and being able to delay/control ejaculation – which takes great muscle control. So, unless the male partner has great understanding and control, this method may not be the best option and you better have a secondary method that you’re using or else you may be one of four to 27.