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Dr Griffin LIFE Book CoverThe vulnerability that was expressed in the introduction of your book was very much appreciated. Sharing both the negative and positive feelings and events in one’s life to others is such a powerful tool to motivate and inspire. I love how you included your poems to reflect the difficult moments in your life. The emotions expressed in poetry cannot always be felt or understood in formal writing. Your poems give the reader another way to perceive and relate to your experience.

Your introduction did not contain any “fluff”, which is a plus for me. Actually, your book in general did not contain any “fluff”. I feel that sometimes writers unnecessarily explain concepts in a complex way when they are simpler options. L.I.F.E is short and rich in content. I was glad that you addressed the importance for women to follow their intuition and identify the beginnings and endings of a part of their life. It means recognizing that our body has an intelligence and we are connected to Divine Wisdom (God). If something is off in our life, there will be signs one way or another, which was quite clear in your story. How you identified a part of your life by keeping how you chose to sign your poems, can help people realize that they should not confuse their past with the present moment or the person they are today. They should instead learn from it. This was expressed beautifully through sharing your experience.

You break down many concepts in your book, which makes it easy to understand and follow. As a result, you are facilitating the process for someone who is working on their personal growth. I consider your book as a beginner’s guide to self-discovery and personal growth for women. You mentioned and discussed about many basic characteristics, qualities, values and life aspects, which are foundations to empowerment. The fact that you don’t only name them, but took the time to define and suggest ways to cultivate them in one’s own life, makes L.I.F.E quite resourceful. One can always go back to this book in any moment of their life.

What I further noticed that was great is how the reader is reminded in different sections of the book, and in different ways, that change begins with them. The more you are reminded, the more it gets in your head, the more you think about it and the more likely you are to take action. The second time I read the book, I felt that each chapter (from the introduction to chapter 5) was preparing me to understand the value of the activities that were going to be suggested in the chapters ahead.  One can really feel valued by reading your book, because it’s really about self. It’s working from the inside out. One more thing that I was really happy about is the sections in which you described sensuality, sexual confidence and a woman’s body. I say this because these are concepts that are very much misunderstood. You explained them in a manner where regardless of your beliefs or background, you can find ways to empower yourself in those areas.  Overall, you’ve provided great insight and tools to become an empowered woman.

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