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Who doesn’t love snuggling up with Bae to watch a flick on a Friday night? Snacks, drinks, popcorn, lights down low, raging hormones and just you two? Oh! It’s bound to happen. It’s the perfect set up for a reenactment of a sex scene out of your favorite movie – one much like the sweaty sexy club scene between The Perfect Guy Carter and Leah, or like Nina and Darius, our favorite “brother to the night” in Love Jones that will have you waking up in the morning making omelettes and fresh squeezed orange juice.

Netflix and chill – which has become more socially acceptable, or even expected, in today’s society – is just the latest way of saying “we’re hooking up and having sex.” We live in a “hook-up culture” that glamorizes casual sex. Hooking up is prevalent in all our favorite tv shows, movies, songs, social media sites etc. No big deal right? Wrong! While hooking up may be fun, spontaneous, exciting and fulfilling it does not come out consequences. Understanding the rules to “chilling” can help reduce the chances of ending up on an episode of 50 Shades of Cray learning why it’s a thin line between love and hate.

Now, I am not saying that people should not hook up, if that’s what two consenting individuals choose to do. However, I am asking if once the movie is over, the lights are back on and you’ve finished shaking from an intense orgasm are you ready for the potential fallout of chilling?

You may or may not be the only one Bae is chilling with, so never take for granted the importance of practicing safer sex. Keep the condoms and dental dams on deck – easily accessible so that it doesn’t destroy the mood. Remember, you are responsible for your sexual health at all times!

Also keep in mind that it’s just sex! Don’t get caught up or emotionally invested. Do not, I repeat do not start chilling with Bae with the hopes of changing his or her mind and tricking them into a relationship. If it’s a mutual exclusive relationship that you are seeking, then you may want to think twice about catching a flick and chilling. Sex blurs the line and can make things very complicated -emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, biochemically, energetically, physically, legally, financially, institutionally- so if it’s a relationship that you want then Netflix and chill needs to become more like a matinee and conversation in a public place.

Finally if you decide to hook up, then you should definitely be well aware of the potential risks and ready for the intend and unintended consequences that may follow. So the next time you’re chilling and Netflix becomes the soundtrack to your rendezvous, keep this in mind or else it just might boomerang on you!

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