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LELO_Insignia_Soraya_mood_0When it comes to class, elegance of design and unparalleled levels of pleasure LELO’s Soraya is definitely at the top of the list. The Swedish designer has taken pleasure to an all new level with a luxury redesign of the classic dual-action “rabbit” vibrator.

The experience of the Soraya begins with opening the LELO’s signature packaging. There is something very sexy and sensual about how the luxurious black velvet envelops the beautifully designed Soraya. When you feel the quality of materials and workmanship of the Soraya, you can tell that you are experiencing class, distinction and excellence.

The Soraya is phthalates free, hypoallergenic, multifunction and uniquely ergonomic. The “loop” design, which is usually not typical of most classic rabbit vibrators, creates the perfect grip for comfort – meaning you’re less likely to get an annoying wrist cramp during use. The sleek design and feminine combination of silky smooth silicone and lightweight, metallic plastic leaves you breathless and wanting more from this personal massager.

As you partake in the pleasures of Soraya you will notice that the different vibration patterns, different intensities and the silky smooth exterior compares to no other! The discreet whisper of the vibrator packs a powerful punch with vibration modes ranging from a soft purr to a powerful roar.  Designed to maximize your pleasure, the Soraya allows you to guide the intensity of the vibration. The Soraya has two motors: one for the insertable portion, and one for the clitoral stimulator. This design allows you to either use the G-Spot or clitoral stimulation on their own, or you can use them together. Each motor comes with combinations of several modes of escalation, pulsation and speed vibrations. So whether you are a novice or more experienced pleasure seeker, you can create the perfect combination of power and pleasure for a blended orgasm. There’s also no need to worry about the batteries dying during the midst of play or trying to find a convenient spot to plug it into the wall. The Soraya is designed for hours of pleasure, lasting up to four hours on a single charge.

The Soraya is also designed to fit comfortably inside the vagina. The length of the shaft is 5 inches, which is perfect considering that during sexual arousal the average length of the vagina is approximately  6–8 cm. And because the insertable shaft is not that wide, it will not produce an uncomfortable feeling of fullness, however to increase pressure and orgasmic intensity just try a few Kegel’s during your play. The Soraya dual action curvy design allows for clitoral, G-spot or vaginal stimulation or some orgasmic combination of the two.

There is a downside to design. There is a seam between the pink silicone portion of the massager and the metallic plastic part. If not cared for properly, this area could potentially trap bacteria which could cause an infection. However, regular maintenance and cleaning can reduce the likelihood of bacteria. The medical-grade plastic and silicone together help to make the Soraya safe and simple to clean.

Another downside to the Soraya is the price point. Like other signature LELO products, the Soraya is priced for luxury. However, when it comes to a massager, you want to ensure that you are using only quality products on your most intimate lady parts. In addition, LELO stands 100 percent behind the quality of their product so that should definitely add to your decision to purchase.  You deserve the best and Soraya is definitely that option! So why not spoil yourself and treat yourself to luxury!

LELO’s Soraya is undoubtedly a state of the art massager for women because of its design, functionality and overall quality.  The Soraya is my kind of product!

To learn more about the Soraya or other LELO’s intimate lifestyle products, please visit the website at lelo.com.