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Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.39.54 AMI must say that I am truly Blessed and Honor to have been able to offer a magazine specifically created to address women’s sexuality! I am just so Grateful that God chose me and Blessed me with the vision to be able to share knowledge, skills and tools to empower women to take control of their sexuality! And for men and women to learn more about the complexities of women’s sexuality. I want to thank ALL the individuals who contributed personal stories, articles or an ad to Our Sexuality! Magazine. I thank you for believing in, supporting and trusting me!! I also want to thank those who have purchased a subscription or an issue(s) of Our Sexuality! Magazine! I hope you have been as Blessed receiving as I have by sharing!! I love y’all so much!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!! xoxoxo

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