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Question: What is a Sexpert and how do Sexperts fit into the lives of your average person(s) looking to improve his/her(/their) sexperiences?

Answer: “Sexpert” is a general term for someone who educates or talks to others about sexuality. Depending on the actual academic training and/or professional experience that a Sexpert has, the type of guidance he or she can provide will vary. In general, most Sexperts can help individuals improve their sexperiences by making recommendations for sexual enhancement products, providing sexual health education and equipping individuals with tools and skills to enhance their sexual repertoire.

Sexperts who have more academic training and professional experience can help improve body image, self-esteem, address relationship concerns, and treat sexual dysfunctions, Additionally, they can work with individuals and/or couples to enrich their sexual experiences, embrace their sexuality, confront and triumph over challenge, myths and stigmas, address sexual concerns and develop overall satisfaction with sexual functioning and relationships.

Keep in mind that concerns about sex and intimacy are often linked to other underlying issues, such as stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, religious beliefs or teachings, etc. Sexual functioning can also be affected by chronic illness, medication side effects or surgery. Depending on the specifics of your circumstances, working with only a Sex therapist may not be enough. You may need to be part of a holistic team that includes your doctor, mental health clinician, or physical therapist to provide the most effective and comprehensive treatment.

Note: A person that calls themselves a “Sexpert” may or may not have the academic or professional training in human sexuality, mental health therapy, psychology, marriage and family therapy, medicine. In addition, they may not be qualified to treat sexual dysfunctions, co-occurring issues, such as relationship challenges, mental health issues and/or substances abuse which may sometimes accompany a sexual concern. Therefore, when seeking out the assistance of a “Sexpert,” it is important to do your homework. Make sure that the “Sexpert” that you are seeking information from is indeed qualified to provide such information, education, support and/or treatment. A Clinical Sexologist and/or Sex Therapist is a professional that has academic preparation, extensive knowledge, experience and training in the field of Human Sexuality.