Q. I think my son may be having sex because I caught him with a girl in the house when I wasn’t home. He says they weren’t doing anything, but I’m not so sure of that. I want to have “The Talk” with him but will talking to my son about sex and condoms encourage him to have sex?

A. Talking to your child about sex and condoms does not mean they’re going to have sex just like purchasing auto insurance doesn’t mean you’re going to get into an accident BUT just in case you do, you’re protected. The same goes for your child. Give him the proper education (i.e. a discussion on safer sex, abstinence and the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, legal and social consequences of having sex) and tools to protect himself. So when he decides he’s ready to have sex, he can be responsible and make an informed decision to keep himself and his partner safer. And besides, the more informed and educated he is about the responsibilities and consequences of sex, the more likely he is to wait.

**Inform, Educate and Empower**