Over the years on my journey of growth, I have come to fully embrace the notion that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What this phase simply means is that beauty is a divine spirit comes from within and not from societal ideology. So why then do we subscribe to this ideology? Why do we spend all of our time and money trying dangerously to alter ourselves so that we fit into a narcissistic belief system instead of being true to who we are, loving ourselves and owning it?

Loving yourself extends far and beyond putting on make up and a pretty dress. It’s much deeper than the too die for designer handbag and my beloved it’s much higher than the 4inch stiletto heels we strut in! It transcends!! And yes while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are just some things you can not cover up with pretty fabric anddesigner labels no matter how much is cost.

The fallacy that being beautiful on the outside will get you the love you so desire is an unfortunate delusion, courtesy of the media, that we’ve all been guilty of believing. When the fact of the matter is that we can be all dressed up and beautiful on the outside but yet very unattractive on the inside.

True beauty is defined by the spirit of character and not by reputation or physicality. It is seeing the divine in yourself and others regardless of all the distressing disguises.

Ownership is the key to true beauty. You have to really dig deep inside your soul to truly own it. You must face fears, dispel myths and negative stigma that society deems as beautiful. You must be willing to go against the status quo and become comfortable walking in your own heels.

The key to ownership is learning to love yourself in all your colors, and yes even the part that you so desire to change because you’re confident in knowing that change will occur over time. Learning to trust and follow the divine spirit within yourself will enable you to find the strength and courage to own all that is authentically yours. And as you begin to embrace the divine spirit within you, you will posses the capacity to manifest and attract all you need and/or desire; and that my Beloved is true beauty….a divine spirit that has no boundaries, no form, no beginning or ending. It can never fade or die because it is energy!