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1471337_10151850245653315_1285753734_nHUMILITY, HUMBLE in adjectival form, is a conscious act or posture of lowering one self in relation to others. It involves having a modest opinion of one’s own importance or rank. HUMILITY is the opposite of pride. HUMILITY never has an attitude of entitlement. It considers every “small” and “big” blessing as a Gift from God. When we are HUMBLE, we are totally dependent on God and operate in His strength not ours because HUMILITY knows that only through Christ are we able to do all things. My Beloved we must be careful not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought! We must strive to clothe ourselves in HUMILITY. Removing pride and dressing in HUMILITY is very important because it affects every area of our lives. When we have a HUMBLE heart and mind, it’s evident. We don’t have to broadcast it because it shows in how we move and act. Our words and interactions with others are much more gentle and kind! We do not belittle or put others down. Instead we pour into them and lift them up. So today, let’s purposely develop a posture of HUMILITY by challenging ourselves to recognize our prideful ways. When we do this our hearts, thoughts, words, and actions will be more profound and create lasting and positive changes in ourselves and others.